MMA has the experience to augment the on-going activities of conferences, conventions and trade shows by applying our knowledge and expertise to manage various components of these events. By using the expertise of MMA, associations/organizations can focus their resources on the most important aspects of their event—enhancing program content. MMA acts as an extension of your association by applying our knowledge, skills and expertise in a collaborative effort to enhance and grow your events.

Our Process

Wrap Up

Site Selection and Inspection

MMA researches, identifies and develops comparison reports for cities and venues based on specific association conference/event goals and objectives.  After the site selection process, MMA continues to work as a liaison between the association, city and venue to negotiate win-win contracts, plan and implement the conference or event.


Budget reports are an essential tool for managing current conferences and for future planning.  As such, MMA develops and maintains detailed and customized targeted vs. actual budgets based on each client’s specific needs.

Exhibit Hall Sales and Management

MMA is fully equipped to manage all aspects of the exhibit hall for conferences, conventions or tradeshows. MMA develops, produces and disseminates Exhibitor Prospectus that are inclusive of essential rules/regulations and attendee demographics. Our experienced team increases revenue share for our clients through targeted exhibit sales and utilizing dynamic marketing campaigns. All logistical elements–exhibitor registration, payment collection, live exhibit hall floorplan, booth assignments, confirmation, collection of additional forms/information and on-site registration are all handled seamlessly.

Sponsorship Management

MMA works with associations to develop sponsorship opportunities that support the goals and objectives of the conference, providing supporters with value added exposure. Our focus is on retaining long-term relationships with key decision makers, developing sponsorship brochures that continually take into consideration new trends and developments and ensuring all on-site aspects are implemented efficiently and effectively.  In addition, MMA’s Promotional Division can make recommendations for and arrange production of sponsored items.

Attendee Registration

MMA works with associations to develop and manage the conference attendee registration process. Utilizing various online event registration programs, MMA collects attendee registration information, fees and provides confirmation materials as required.  MMA can also manage the on-site registration process and logistics.

Speaker Management

Once the association has identified program speakers, MMA can manage all related logistical elements such as speaker invitations, confirmations, registrations, transportation, housing, obtaining presentations, ensuring the review process is implemented and securing audio-visual needs.

Communications and Materials

MMA manages the development and dissemination of all conference communications; including invitations, announcements, confirmations, detail memos, reminders, agendas, name badges, tent cards, welcome packets, on-site materials, etc. Communications are essential to the success of any conference and therefore a unified theme is developed and utilized throughout the entire communication process. In addition, MMA’s Promotional Division can make recommendations for and produce conference materials such as tote bags, lanyards, notepads, pens, etc.


MMA provides a turnkey housing process for our clients.  We manage all housing blocks, website integration with housing management systems such as Passkey, post-conference audits to ensure all rooms are accounted for, concessions received and historical data documented.

General Service Contractor Management

MMA identifies, develops respective RFPs,  negotiates contracts and manages the General Service Contractor as it relates to exhibit hall floor plan development, material handling, set-up/dismantle labor, electrical, rigging, booth accessories, signage design and production, exhibit service kit development, etc.

Audio-Visual / Lighting and Technical Requirements

MMA identifies, develops RFPs, negotiates conference contracts and manages all elements of audio-visual, lighting and technical element providers. During the process we ensure the AV provider can manage stage design, meeting room CADs, audio-visual equipment for the exhibit hall as well as meeting rooms, AV labor, speaker requirements, etc.

Food and Beverage

MMA works with facilities and caterers to provide creative and innovative food and beverage options for all elements of the conference, while staying within budget and taking into consideration special dietary needs.

Special Events and Activities

MMA identifies and manages creative and relevant conference special events and activities, such as keynote speakers, award presentations, team building activities, dinner events, community projects, etc. to enhance the overall conference.


MMA understands the importance of security at conferences of all sizes. We work with associations, facilities and vendors to identify security needs, research security companies, negotiate contracts, arrange schedules and manage on-site staff.  We can assist clients with developing security protocols essential in today’s environment.

Other Contractors

MMA works with associations to identify specific contractors that are required for their conference and/or will enhance the overall experience for their attendees.  Once identified, MMA can manage all related logistics.

Space Assignments and Layouts

MMA works with the association to assign conference venue space for specific agenda activities. MMA works to ensure each space is set to support the unique needs of each conference activity, taking into consideration conference flow, noise levels and other activities within the facility, etc.

MMA Personnel

All clients have access to MMA personnel on a 24/7 basis to assist with any event-related issues during the entire process.


MMA is versed in a variety of electronic convention, conference, trade show and meeting management tools, such as:

Passkey is the travel industry’s most recognized group reservation and optimization technology provider. Passkey serves over 85% of the North American CVB market and is deployed at over 700 hotels worldwide.

USI is a dynamic and agile software company that is a global leader in event management software for venues and event organizers.

StarCite provides the world’s leading online meetings management platform. StarCite currently works with hundreds of Fortune 500/Global 1000 companies, including many of the largest pharmaceutical, technology, financial services and travel management companies.

ShowGo, Seattle Software Corporation’s award-winning trade show management software, is the single point of collaboration for multiple stakeholders to access and manage all logistics surrounding industry trade shows.

On-Site Management

MMA’s experience with different associations, along with our meetings and conventions expertise, allows us unique insight to better work with associations to handle many on-site logistics, including but not limited to: exhibitor registration and management, attendee registration, set-up and dismantle, management of service providers, etc.


MMA acts as a liaison with all vendors and service providers to ensure all aspects of the conference are managed effectively and efficiently. This includes venue staff, general contractors, AV providers, caterers, special activities, transportation companies, conference staff, etc.


MMA can provide or arrange for and manage additional on-site conference staff. All staff are versed in a variety of event staffing roles, including registration, meet & greet, special activities and more.

Call to Action 24/7

MMA understands that during a conference, last minute changes, requests and/or suggestions arise…regardless of how abstract or off-the-wall they may seem. We troubleshoot, accommodate and execute these requests on a 24/7 basis.

Invoice Reconciliation

A final detailed invoice is provided to the client for payment only after MMA has reviewed all invoices for accuracy and reconciled discrepancies.  MMA can prepays invoices for our clients and provide one itemized invoice to reduce overall client workload and simplify the financial process.

Post Event Feedback

Post Event feedback surveys are developed and distributed, either electronically or manually. MMA collects feedback, anonymously if necessary, and provides detailed reports of results to appropriate parties.

Cost-Saving / Process Improvement Initatives

MMA analyzes client’s current processes to identify cost-saving initiatives and makes recommendations to the client on how to streamline processes and implement identified cost efficiencies.