Exhibitors & Sponsors

MMA provides complete management of pre-, onsite and post- conference exhibitor and sponsorship initiatives. Our vast experience in this arena lends itself well to any scenario from exhibit halls with simple table top exhibits to trade show floors occupying over 350,000 square feet of convention center space. MMA understands the specific needs required for all levels of exhibiting and sponsorship and we have established trusted relationships with all types of vendors who focus on those needs. Sales are conducted through a variety of avenues and we implement real-time floorplans and visual aids throughout the selling cycle. All correspondence is facilitated through a state-of-the-art platform ensuring exhibitors and sponsors meet all deadline dates and streamlining the payment, registration and confirmation processes.

MMA Provides Complete, Pre-, Onsite and Post- Conference Exhibitor and Sponsor Management

Exhibitor Services

  • Coordinate design, production and distribution of exhibit prospectus.
  • Design exhibit hall floorplan in accordance with Fire Marshal requirements.
  • Conduct exhibit sales via live registration with real-time floorplans.
  • Develop exhibitor service kits.
  • Streamline payments and booth assignment process through electronic portal.
  • Maintain database of prospective exhibitors with continuous updates.
  • Generate ongoing corporate interest through follow up communications.
  • Liaise with corporations, venue, general contractor and other related vendors.
  • Manage all aspects of exhibitor registration and onsite logistics.
  • Produce and distribute exhibitor badges.
  • Contract with security services to meet the association and venue requirements.
  • Process vendor invoices, resolve discrepancies and reconcile payments.

Sponsor Services

  • Develop sponsorship strategy aligned with event goals.
  • Coordinate design, production and distribution of sponsorship brochures and marketing.
  • Build relationships with key industry personnel.
  • Negotiate value added options for corporate branding.
  • Develop letters of agreement outlining deadlines, specifications and processes.
  • Act as liaison with third party agencies.
  • Manage execution of sponsorship deliverables.
  • Onsite and post-event sponsor acknowledgement.
  • Manage Right of First Refusal opportunities.
  • Maintain database of prospective sponsors with continuous updates.