Conference & Meeting Management

MMA has the experience to augment the on-going activities of conferences and meetings by applying our knowledge and expertise to manage various components of these events. By relying on the expertise of MMA, associations/organizations are able to focus their efforts on the most important aspect of their event—enhancing program content. MMA will act as a collaborative extension of your association by applying our knowledge, skills and expertise to enhance and grow your events.

MMA Provides Complete Pre-, Onsite and Post- Conference and Meeting Management

  • Vendor/facility Request for Proposals (RFP) process
  • Research, inspection and selection of appropriate meeting facilities
  • Contract negotiations
  • Budget and timeline development
  • Project management and coordination with association’s staff, board of directors and conference committee volunteers
  • Integration into virtual or hybrid events
  • Integration of new technology
  • Development, dissemination and management of conference communications
  • Speaker, program and abstracts management
  • Registration and badge management, both pre-conference and onsite
  • Turnkey housing management
  • Conference vendor liaison
  • Meeting room and public space logistics
  • Innovative food & beverage recommendations
  • Program enhancement opportunities
  • Special events, receptions and transportation initiatives
  • Onsite conference staffing
  • Invoice reconciliation and processing