Convention Management

MMA offers 35 years of experience in exhibit and sponsorship management services. We act as liaison between your organization and the meetings & events you choose to participate in, whether it be through exhibit booths, sponsorships, Product Theaters and more!

We specialize in exhibition logistics so you can focus on what’s important – content and customer experience.

MMA Provides Complete Pre-, Onsite and Post- Meeting Management

  • Marketing Plan & Convention Strategy Development
  • Convention Recommendations that fit YOUR needs
  • Budget & Timeline Development
  • Booth Space Procurement
  • Booth Design & Construction from tabletop to island displays
  • Sales Representative Correspondence
  • Booth Traffic Strategies & Sponsorships
  • Corporate Staff & Pre-Conference Meetings
  • Pre-Meeting Mailers & Door Drops
  • Materials Routing & Inventory Management to ensure your components arrive on-time
  • Vendor and Facility Requests for Proposals (RFP) Process
  • On-Site Convention Management & Staffing
  • Research, Inspection and Selection of Appropriate Meeting Locations
  • Speaker, Program and Abstract Management
  • Complete Housing, Food & Beverage Management
  • Account Manager Dinners & Team Events
  • Lead Management
  • Cost-Saving/Process Improvement Initiatives
  • Show Services Ordering
  • Freight Coordination
  • Literature Warehousing