Convention Management

MMA’s experience in managing exhibits range from small table top displays in hotels to standard in-line and island displays in convention centers to large 10,000 square foot island exhibit at outdoor events. Regardless of size or location, each convention is planned with the utmost attention to detail. MMA acts as the liaison between multiple points of contact that are necessary to execute a convention—client specified needs, equipment, film house, exhibit house, labor company, ad agencies and staffing just to name a few. We plan and execute each convention with the goals, objectives and ideals of our clients as our main priority.

Our Process

Wrap Up

Annual Budget Development / Reconciliation

Convention budgets are developed and maintained as required specifically by each client. Detailed budget line items vs. actual expenditure reports are developed and maintained and can be broken out into various categories for analytical purposes such as drayage, freight, warehousing, in/out prep charges, show services, etc.

Convention Recommendations

Keeping each brand’s yearly strategy in mind and working in conjunction with client’s brand team members, MMA will research, identify and make recommendations for convention attendance to assist the client in finalizing exhibit schedules and convention budgets. MMA continuously monitors each convention based on attendance, interactions within the booth and impressions made throughout the conference and will re-evaluate the teams convention strategy, schedule and budget as appropriate.

Booth Space

Based on the convention schedule, MMA will obtain booth space on behalf of client brands and issue applications with payments to meet association deadline dates. MMA will identify and work with additional operating companies to utilize highest priority point ratings to obtain best placement, based on pre-determined criteria, within the exhibit hall. If an identified location is not acceptable, we will negotiate better placement whenever possible.


MMA can manage the ordering and replacement process for exhibitor badges and/or assist with attendee registrations. Badges can be obtained on-site, compiled with welcome packets and delivered to hotel rooms and/or pre-convention meetings, as appropriate.

Sales Representative Correspondence

MMA can develop all necessary convention sales correspondence to ensure each attendee is fully informed of relevant information.  All material can be distributed in various ways–electronically, mailed or faxed depending on each client and their specific needs. In addition to correspondence, MMA can handle related travel arrangements to ensure continuity for attendees and all relevant spending can be tracked and monitored.


MMA is fully experienced in managing all aspects of convention room blocks inclusive of pre-payment of housing deposits, cancellation of unused rooms, name and date changes as necessary, reconciliation of housing deposits against cost centers and obtaining deposit refunds as necessary.   MMA prides itself to make every effort to obtain refunds on any unused or cancelled room whenever possible.

Pre-Convention Meeting

MMA can manage all aspects of the pre-convention meeting requirements inclusive of obtaining association permission, managing banquet event orders, developing room set CADs, identifying special speakers or entertainment and ordering audio visual or utilities such as Wi-Fi and electrical. All charges can be prepaid and reconciled by MMA post conference.

Exhibit Booth

Although MMA works with each client to develop an overall yearly marketing plan and convention strategy, each convention is unique.  MMA works with each client on a convention-to-convention basis to develop specific booth layouts and activities. MMA liaisons with graphic designers, production houses, the exhibit house, audio-visual teams, labor companies, freight forwarders, the venue, association and general contractor to ensure all details are fully executed on time and within budget.  We pride ourselves in identifying ways to streamline the process and reduce overall expenses such as routing exhibit components from show-to-show to reduce overall cost of freight.

New Builds

MMA understands exhibit components, the flow of attendees at conferences and we keep up-to-date on new materials and technology.  We are instrumental for many clients in identifying appropriate vendors, developing the Request for Proposal (RFPs), analyzing the designs, acting as a liaison during the production phase and identifying cost efficiencies and maintaining production timelines.

Exhibit Activities / Booth Draw

Activities can greatly enhance the convention experience–whether it is something as simple as baking cookies to entice attendees with smell or something as elaborator as live-marketing.  MMA works with our clients on a convention-to-convention basis to identify specific activities/booth draws that lend itself to the budget and overall goals/objectives of the marketing team while ensuring we meet all the hosted association, city and venue rules and regulations.

Pre-Meeting Mailers / Door Drops

Pre-show mailers, e-blasts or door drops can be an effective marketing tool.  MMA can easily bring all components of the pre-meeting marketing components such as design, production, fulfillment, association approval, mail list, etc. together in a seamless manner.

Graphic / E-Detailing

Exhibits typically require visual components to tell their story or reinforce the messaging.  MMA is well versed in managing the development of graphics and/or e-detail media that further enhances the convention experience.  In addition, MMA can maintain and manage the graphic inventory to ensure correct visual components are routed to the appropriate show, components are tracked to ensure on-time delivery, regulatory review processes are implemented to ensure the accuracy of the messaging and outdated panels are destroyed.

Property Routing / Inventory / Manifest

MMA works with all types of exhibit house/labor/audio-visual partners to ensure exhibit and graphic components are housed properly, refurbished as needed to extend the life-span, routed in a timely and efficient manner from show-to-show to ensure cost efficiencies and are inventoried upon return into the warehouse facility to identify potential concerns. A complete inventory list, along with set-up drawings, are maintained by MMA to provide a back-up process. A manifest is developed for each convention and shared with all vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page and the convention is managed in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Requests for Proposals

Our experience with various vendors is vast and unbiased.  As such, our clients utilize MMA to develop Requests For Proposals (RFP) for convention-related vendors. We work with internal procurement departments and act as a resource for identifying vendors to issue RPFs to, answer RFP questions and/or concerns prior to and during the negotiating process, evaluate RFP responses and identify any watch-outs during the entire process.

Booth Traffic Strategies / Sponsorships

MMA makes recommendations to brand teams throughout the year on best practices and sponsorship initiatives that are available to increase attendee traffic, obtain brand awareness or reinforce messaging. As sponsorships are identified, MMA handles all aspects of the sponsorship, including initiating and maintaining association correspondences, negotiating value-added components, developing key sponsorship components and ensuring accurate implementation.

Account Manager Dinners / Team Events

Each event during a convention is equally as important–whether it be a small team dinner or large evening event open to all attendees.  MMA is knowledgeable about various cities and takes pride in matching up specific events with appropriate venues.  We manage these events from beginning to end ensuring all elements stay within any convention and/or client rules and regulations that there may be.

Exhibit Property

Exhibit components are an important and expensive asset for our clients.  MMA manage partners to ensure that all components are stored properly, crates are easily marked and identified, components are inventoried, components and crates are refurbished as needed to extend the life span, items are identified for destruction to reduce overhead and any general day-to-day activities of exhibit properties are managed as required.


For physical pieces, MMA can warehouse convention literature or work with identified partners to order literature as needed.  For electronic literature, MMA can assist in the design, development and execution of e-literature at conventions.  MMA is equipped, among other things, to track all literature, conduct fulfillment post conference, maintain inventory, reorder inventory as needed and ensure literature is reviewed by regulatory as required.


MMA understands the importance of having your freight arrive on time. We coordinate with all partners to ensure deadlines are met, freight is routed efficiently and all freight is tracked throughout the process to ensure it arrives on time.

Show Services

To ensure the success of the convention, MMA orders all necessary show services, which include but are not limited to furniture, carpet, cleaning, material handling, electrical, drayage, plumbing, rigging, etc.

On-Site Management

MMA dedicated on-site personnel are available 24/7 to ensure all aspects of the convention runs smoothly.  We pride ourselves in going above and beyond our client expectations.


MMA acts as a liaison with our client’s vendors, the association and association’s partners to ensure all aspects of the convention are managed effectively and efficiently. MMA understands the importance of maintaining long-term relationships with all parties involved–association, general contractor, housing bureau, venue, CVB, etc.  In addition, we look for ways to negotiate value-added services, where appropriate, with associations and vendors.

Invoice Reconciliation

Many clients opt to have MMA prepay all invoices on their behalf, which allows the client to receive one detailed invoice outlining all expenses at the close of the convention.  MMA reconciles all invoices for accuracy and resolves all discrepancies prior to paying.  All actual line items are compared to budge line items and an explanation outlined for those items significantly over or under.  Various line items are documented year-over-year to identify potential areas of concern for future years.

Lead Management

Each client’s lead management requirements differ.  As such, MMA develops lead management processes based on each client’s specific needs and requirements.

Cost-Saving / Process Improvement Initiatives

MMA analyzes client’s current processes to identify cost-saving initiatives and makes recommendations to the client on how to streamline processes and implement identified cost efficiencies.